Friday, April 15, 2011

These are the days..

It's crazy how you meet hundreds of people through your life..
Brushing by each other.. but none of them every really touch you.
and then just one person changes everything..
makes you feel like your already everything you'll ever need to be.

So yes,Paul Simon, these are truly the days of miracle and wonder.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Old habits...Promises..Lies

Ages since I heard your voice,

This is far from what would be my choice,

I'd give anything to see you smile,

Like a dawn I haven't seen in such a while,

I dream about you all the time,

Being with you is more than sublime,

You let me know I wasn't alone,

And showed me I wasn't on my own

So never forget my promise to you,

I will wait as I have to,

No matter what happens or how it hurts,

You will never have to go on a search,

For I will always be here,

Even to wait endless years,

And even after all the tears,

I will still be here for you,

As ever, I promised to do,

With a single hope to see you smile,

Doing anything to make it last awhile

But when you come,

I hope your smile is true

And the spark in your eye is glittering real

Alas, for so many doubts

I know that you can conceal

For now,

I stand on the other side of the bars

Looking into a world unknown

I see you standing pretending you're ok

But I know inside there’s too much doubt

I will wait, endlessly, if I must

Just to have my best friend back

By your cage I will stand, waiting

Until the day your bars will crack

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sing for the day

As I gaze upon the sea of life,
And see Death's valleybefore me lie;

I feel assured I leave this strife,
To rest in peace
to rest forever beneath the sky
but hark a voice calls to me...

"be still and hear me"

Who is this intelligence I see
Staring in disbelief at me?
with gentle regard and kindly smile...

"listen to me, my lost chile
for you must sing as sweetly as you can.
Sing all the tunes you know.
Sweet is the life springing from death,
Sweeter still the day ahead
For to soon yet to rest
Spit on regret.
Damn the sorrow!
fight it with a stormy rage.
Curse the end, and blight the beginning if you must,
But live for the day,
And sing as sweetly as you can.
Listen not for the bells that ring tomorrow.
Make your music while you may".

Monday, December 7, 2009

impressions about "Him"

impressions about "Him" in chronological order (over the last 3 months) :

- The almighty hope-your-there
- The puissant theres-something-wrong-here
- The great maybe
- The omnipotent could-be
- The divine definately-not-there


You smiled, you spoke, and I believed..

A wavering deep within the soul…

By every word and smile deceived…

Another man would hope no more !

Nor hoped what I hoped before

And in the depths of night my heart shall scream

Deceive, deceive me once again!

But in the early dawn do I see…

The blossoms die upon the tree

The leaves whither in the sun…

And I see…

Spring is done.

It goes now a wintry way

For love that smiled in October

Is false before Christmas day.

Questions ! Questions !

Was I wrong? Did I stray?

Why would this wound me so?

I ponder and I pray….

The only answer that I know…

Fare thee well, for I must leave,

In this parting do I grieve…

But no longer do I believe..

And so it is that we must part,

Adieu, adieu !

I can no longer wait for you,

I'll hang my harp on a willow tree,

And may the world go well with you…

Got hope ?

Which hope we have as an anchor of our soul, both sure and steadfast

- Hebrews 6:19

Monday, November 23, 2009

The last dance

Just when he thought that love had gone
Life was but shades of grey
She came into his life one day
As one last flimsy thread was drawn
hope, had once again found a way
What used to elude him more and more
yet she touched the center of his core
Being with her, he'd agree,
Unleashed his fear and set it free
With disbelief his heart would ask
Would this become another snare?
Will pain itself remove its mask
To face true love without a care?
In solitude his heart awaits
While trust had found its way again
With joyous leaps this life creates
A new beginning… another chance
May he have just one more dance ?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A picture can be magic

He was in a fret...
because he didn't know where to start..or how to...
how would he go about recreating to magic of memory without the proper tools ?

After brooding about it...a sudden thought struck him...he DIDN'T need any tools !!
he could start on any blank didn't have to be a canvas or even a proper paper...
All it needed to be was white.
We call it white because we need a word but its true name is "nothing"
Black is the absense of light.. but white is the absense of memory.. the color of "can't remember"

What better medium than that of emptiness to create ? a seemingly endless void...almost begging to give birth to life.

Imagine the courage required to re-establish the world and draw that first line...
to bring back to life something that was...empty..

He picked up a pencil... hesitated... and then marked the white...
After the initial hesitation... the lines seemed to take on a life of their own..flowing seamlessly into one another
the white no longer an absense of memory...but it's very epitome.

but as for all things,this universe must create a balance...
where life is created..there it must be destroyed as well...
the first line drawn so hesitantly to create someting had also become a slot...
a jarring smudge on the white
a slot for blackness to pour through.

but a mark had been made and there was no going back...
The white...had been marked. and nothing would change that.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Seven against Thebes

Great Thebes,the mighty walled, I see
The seven gated town...
where brothers reigining annually ..passed too and fro the crown

Till Eteocles,despite the law...refuses with a frown
and the mighty Polyneices wars.. they burnt the city to the ground

The champions of argos, strive before each fearsome gate
Of seven who'll remain alive, is in the hands of fate

The brothers,at each others hand,are both for hades bound
Among those who come from much distant lands, two much missed friends are found

Tydeus,fighting axe in hand,is wounded by a foe - Melannipus, who makes a stand and lays the hero low..
but not before the axe in hand, has drunk it's longed for draft of blood
and severed from it's mighty trunk.. a head rolls in the mud
A final act of vengance when, before he meets his bane
the dead man's skull is spilt and Tydeus eats his brain

Amphiaraus,the god's own seer,fights firecely in the squall
and knowing that his end is near, triumphs over all !

A useless guesture, then he knows,avoiding fate to flee ?
for Zeus follows where he goes.. his thunderbolts the key

When lightning strikes, the earth will spasm,and he can only drive...
his steeds into a gaping chasm.. into hell alive

And greeted there upon the bank by the boatman of old,
who cares not for the trouble above and demands his ransom of gold.

Thought i'd get morbid in a more accepetable fashion this time :)
my personal favourite bit is the brains eating one :) I actually got the idea from a comic i was reading in office(!!!shh) and i found the story pretty interesting so i quickly googled it...

It's based on the story of "the Seven against Thebes" and "Eteocles and the Polyneices wars"
Incase your interested in the actual story, i refer you to a wiki link :

and a google books link :

Comments ??